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Anthony Hortin
(Updated: November 12, 2011)

It was with much sorrow that I laid my beautiful girl Maddie to rest last week. She was an amazing girl who was forever by my side, from the time I got her at 8 weeks of age right through to her very last day, at the age of 14. Just missing out on her 15th birthday by 2 ½ months. This alone was quite a feat as the average age for Boxers is usually only 8 — 10 years.

As I’ve been so often asked, she was the inspiration for my business name. Her full name being, Maddison Inyapen Starblaze. She came with me wherever I went and would even follow me around the house, from room to room. It just doesn’t feel the same without her. I miss her terribly 🙁

Looking back at photos of when she was younger, it’s hard to imagine her with a black face as she was quite grey during her later years. Still, she was as cute as ever though. Although she had a great life, she also endured some hard times, with numerous operations. Among these were 2 knee reconstructions (both back legs), eye surgery (to heal an ulcer) and removal of numerous lumps and bumps. With lots of love and attention, she was able to recover from all of these. She was also there for me, through all my hard times over the years. Whenever I did have to leave her at home, without fail she’d be sitting at the front window by the door, upon my return. Always there with a smile on her face and a wag in her tail.

As well as being a great companion, she also starred in numerous television commercials both Nationally and Internationally and also feature films. Some of her credits include Maxwell House coffee, Honda Odyssey and the Feature Film – Noise, which received rave reviews at the Sundance Film Festival.

In memory of Maddie, I’ve put together a collection of photos of her at various stages throughout her life. I hope you get as much enjoyment looking at them as I do.

Rest in peace beautiful girl. You’ll be forever remembered. xx
Maddie @ 8wksMaddie @ 8wksMaddie @ 8wksMaddie @ 8wksMaddie @ 15wksMaddie @ 15wksMaddie @ 9mthsMaddie @ 9mthsMaddie @ 4yrsMaddie @ 8yrsMaddie @ 8yrsMaddie @ 9yrsStarring in 'Noise'Starring in 'Noise'Starring in 'Noise'Maddie @ 11yrsMaddie @ 13yrsMaddie @ 13yrsMaddie @ 14yrsMaddie @ 14yrs

32 responses on “My beloved Maddie. May she rest in peace

  1. Marnie B

    Very teary reading this. She was a special girl and you made a great team. Even someone who never met either of you can tell that. And you know a pet was special when even your internet pals cry when she passes away. We’ll all miss her too. 🙂

  2. Heidi

    *wipes away tears*

    Hope you’re okay Anthony. I’ve said goodbye to two furry family members over the years. Both of them have never left my heart. I shall miss hearing about what Maddie is up to and how she is going. Much love to you ((hugs))

  3. Radu

    I’m not the kind of guy to get all teary eyed easily but when I heard about Maddie last week it was like a brick wall hit me. Even if I’ve never actually met Maddie, she would always bring a smile to my face whenever you tweeted something about her, Anthony.
    You could just tell from seeing pictures of her that she was an awesome pup and I’m still shattered to see her go. I hope you’re hanging in there, Anthony. We [your Internet buddies] may be miles away, but our heart is with you, mate.
    I hereby declare Maddie as the most awesomest dog on the interwebs ever.

    1. Anthony Hortin

      Thanks Radu. I appreciate the comments. Lots of people say they have “the best dog in the world”, but Maddie really was a special girl. It’s hard to describe just how much I miss her.

  4. Kimberly Smith

    I was very sad to learn about Maddie. She was a was very special to you. It’s hard to let go of a beloved pet, they become family to you. I can tell that Maddie was very loved during her years with you. Rest in peace, Maddie.

    Sending pug hugs and wiener dog kisses your way.

  5. Nadine

    Aw Anthony, what a beautiful post & tribute. She was a beautiful girl, and you were lucky to have each other. I know how much you will miss her, which is the real tribute to how much you loved her.

    1. Anthony Hortin

      Thanks Nadine. It feels so strange and quiet, not having her around all the time. I keep expecting to see her sitting in her bean bag or lying on the floor next to me 🙁

  6. Jon Bergan

    These photos are adorable. Its definitely sucks in a huge way to know she’s passed on but we all know she’s probably having a heap of fun in little doggy heaven. 🙂 As M said, you guys definitely made an awesome team and she definitely will be missed. Hell, we’ll miss her and we never even met her. 🙂

    Take care buddy and we’ll chat soon.


  7. MJPhoto

    I am so sorry I missed your tweets on this! Now I feel like a fool (but that’s ok regular occurrence) – I too got teary at reading this and I don’t even know Maddie! It’s awesome though that you have these awesome pics of her. Sending you white healing light and lots of support!

  8. Hugo

    Hey mate, I am sorry to learn about Maddie. I am uber bummed and sad about it. I hope you’re holding up well cause right now, I’m a mess about this. The pictures above are awesome! She will forever be remembered.
    You need anything, just let me know. I’m here for ya.

  9. Melissa

    Reading this made me cry – what a sweet, wonderful girl…I feel for you and your loss – I know how much pain you must be feeling. 🙁 Hang in there, Anthony…

  10. Steve Moulson

    I am really sorry to hear of your sad loss I have only known you and maddie for a short while but seemed like years,our boy juke the boxer is exactly the same he follows me around every where I go even to the toilet.We spoil him to much and he gets away with everything he even pinches my place in bed i even sleep around him,I can’t even think what your going through with this loss I don’t know if would be able to cope when it’s jukes turn. Keep smiling Anthony Maddie wouldn’t want to see you upset she is in peace and keeping an eye on you.

    1. Anthony Hortin

      Thanks for the thoughtful comments Steve. As you’d know with Juke, they’re a huge part of your life, especially when they do spend so much time with you and go with you everywhere. It’s a huge loss for me as we were so close.

  11. jean paul

    I know how you feel. I had Boxers all my adult life and “lost” 4 so far. They are the best ever dogs. I love your pix. She was a gorgeous girl. I dont know but all I can say: lots of love.
    Be strong.

    if you go to facebook jean paul pallandre you will see my big boy.

    Cheers buddy!

    1. Anthony Hortin

      Thanks Jean Paul. I appreciate the support. Yeah, they are gorgeous dogs. So friendly and inquisitive. Found your pic. Your boy looks beautiful and yep, very big too!

  12. Fabian

    Oh that’s sad Tony, my heart goes out to you. I have two maltese shitz, can’t imagine life without them…but they are starting to get old. Looks like Maddie had a good life and now can chew on that giant dog bone she dreamed about.

    1. Anthony Hortin

      Thanks Fabian. Yeah, it’s been difficult. We were together virtually 24/7, especially the last few years when she was starting to feel her age more. It’s hard not having her around all time 🙁

  13. will finch

    Thats such a sad story, Im so sorry to hear the news. I came across your site via twitter and started reading. I’ve always loved boxers and their dopey looking faces. Im sure Maddie is fine and happy, where ever she is.

    All the best,



  14. Lauren Perreault

    She was so cute! I like the one of her asleep the best. Many condolences — it is one year ago this week that we lost our Parker and I still miss him! Maddie will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge, that’s for sure.