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Anthony Hortin
(Updated: May 12, 2015)

Recently I had the opportunity to present at our monthly WordPress Melbourne User Meetup. I talked about adding content to your WordPress site when your creating your Posts and Pages.

With the release of WordPress 3.9, there were a number of enhancements made to the Visual Editor. My presentation was targeted towards the newer WordPress users and folks that haven’t had the opportunity to explore some of the neat features of the WordPress Visual Editor. As well as the typical features, such as the toolbar buttons, featured images and adding media, I also covered the new enhancements that were introduced in WordPress 3.9. This includes the ability to drag and drop images straight into the Visual Edtor along with the new media playlists.

You can view the full set of slides below or you canĀ check them out on Slideshare.


If you love WordPress as much as the rest of us and you’re in Melbourne, you should consider coming along to one of our monthly WordPress meetups that myself and a number of other fine folk help organise. We have 3 meetups per month. There’s one targeted towards users, bloggers and people who are just starting to get into WordPress, there’s one for the more advanced, such as developers and there’s even once called ‘WordChicks’ that is specifically created for, run by, and tutored by women.

If you’re not in Melbourne, I highly recommend checking if there are any meetup groups near you as they’re a great way to network with other WordPress minded folk and increase your knowledge of all things WordPress related.