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Anthony Hortin

I recently made a presentation at the monthly WordPress Melbourne meetup on getting a WordPress theme ready for submission to the WordPress Theme Directory. It covered the Theme Review Guidelines, WordPress development standards and the GPL requirements along with testing requirements. Everything you need to know about making your theme submission as smooth as possible.

You can view the presentation below…


The WordPress Melbourne Meetup is for anyone interested in WordPress, no matter whether you’re a first time WordPress user or an experienced developer, there’s something for everyone. Plus, it’s a great way to get involved with your local WordPress community. We’re currently alternating between advanced and beginner topics at each Meetup, so come along and join the fun!

2 responses on “Submitting to the WordPress Theme Directory

  1. Damien

    Great info, thanks Anthony. I’m currently developing a WP plugin and not sure about all the licensing issues and stuff like encrypting the code (not planning on putting it on the WP plugin directory though).

    Any idea where I could find info about publishing a plugin similar to what you’ve done here with themes?

    1. Anthony Hortin Post author

      Hi Damien, Thanks for your comment. If you’re not planning on getting your plugin submitted to the official WordPress Plugin Directory, then there’s not really any set “rules” as to what you can/can’t do. If you’re submitting it to another theme/plugin shop though, they might have there own criteria that you need to follow.

      With that said though, I think following the WordPress guidelines is a great idea, especially when it comes to coding standards and testing your theme or plugin, no matter whether you intend on submitting it or not. There’s a lot of useful resources in their guidelines. Some are more related to developing themes, rather than plugins, but you can always skip the bits that aren’t relevant. They do also have some Plugin Guidelines that would also be worth reading through.