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Anthony Hortin
(Updated: November 12, 2011)

So, I was up late the other night and needed to find some inspiration. What better way than whipping up a few iPhone wallpapers for no particular reason.

I find that if you’re struggling to find motivation or inspiration for a project, then the best thing to do is something different. It may come in the form of reading the paper, going for a run or just watching some telly. Another way is to simply play around in Photoshop, mocking up random designs. This latter option is how these came about. Plus, anything to do with your iPhone’s gotta rock, right!

Simply save the individual images or download the whole set. I hope you like the designs and find them useful. 🙂

Updated: As requested in the comments below, you can now also download the set without the Apple logo. Enjoy 🙂









12 responses on “8 Grungy iPhone Wallpapers

  1. Sneh Roy

    These are seriously cool! Woweee! Thanks for posting em .. I am browsing this page on my iphone and grabbing them as I type this 🙂 Loving the blue and mustard!

  2. Joshua Ochs

    I love them, but find the Apple logo a bit distracting. Any chance of a plain version?

  3. Matt

    These are great, any chance of getting a larger version for my 15″ MBP so it can match :)?